The Chicken Coop

Back in May we decided to get some chickens!  I have loved every minute of this new adventure!  We jumped in head first, but learned fast and now here we are in December with 6 hens and 1 rooster.  I have 2 Road Island Reds who we call Laverne and Shirley, a Easter Egger named Henrietta, a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte named Little Timmy, a Black Marans named Sirius Black, a Ancona named Cruella and our Blue Marans Rooster named Jed.

Three of our hens are laying eggs so we are getting about 2 dozen a week.  If you would like some fresh eggs let me know.  They are $3 a dozen.

Cruella loves the camera

I hatched these little fella's in my incubator!

These are Little Timmy's chicks.  She went broody about 2 weeks after I put a dozen eggs in the incubator.

My girls love the tire full of dirt!

Hanging in the shade

Henrietta is so pretty


blue and brown eggs :)

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