Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oak Barrel Half

I was super excited about the Oak Barrel Half when I registered for it back in October.  That's the thing about races---you sign up for them months before you actually do them.  So months ago when I signed up I was still doing great with my running and working out, BUT winter hit and I went into hibernation.

  The longest run I had done in 2016 was 4.38 miles.  I knew this race was coming, but I just couldn't find my get up and go.  To be honest I had gotten really lazy, gained some weight and was stuck in a runt.  The good thing about going into a race with no expectations is that I had put absolutely no pressure on myself.  My goal was to finish and try to maintain a 13 minute per mile average.

The weather was perfect!  Sunny and mid-40's.  My kinda running weather.  I knew I would be good for at least 4 miles since I was running 3-4 miles 2 or 3 times a week.  So off I went doing my little 4/1 intervals.  

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing things like this.  These two men were amazing.  The guy in the yellow was talking to a radio station while running.  He asked to hoot and holler for him.  I love our military!

As the dreaded mile 4 was approaching I felt an arm go around my shoulders.  What a nice surprise to run into 3 of my running buddies.  They were running intervals to so we swapped places throughout the race and met up at the finish line.  Love these girls!

Debi, Me, Jennifer and Amanda

Oh yeah, the dreaded mile #4, also known as Whiskey Hill.  I have run some half's with hills, but this one hill was worse than all of those put together.  For one whole mile you are going up and up and up.  The last little bit is VERY steep!  I did it, it took me 14:56 minutes, but I did it.  

As I completed each mile I was amazed that I wasn't dying, sore and wanting to stop.  I kept telling myself I must not be as out of shape as I thought I was.  Around mile 12 I was begin to feel hungry, tired and achy, but I just kept going.  As I was passing the Jack Daniels Distillery I heard my name and looked up to see Ava Claire and her parents yelling and cheering for me from their truck.  What a blessing that was.  Gave me that last bit of adrenaline to finish strong.  

How could you not perk up when you see this cutie!

I crossed the finish line with a chip time of 2:49 and a feeling of confidence!  It was just what I needed to motivate myself to get back to it!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for getting up early on a Saturday morning and sitting around for almost 3 hours while I run a race.  He is pretty awesome!

Not only was the race bling super nice, but crossing the finish line and getting chocolate milk, hoe cakes and brunswick stew was pretty fabulous!

A big THANK YOU to We Run Photography for always being there to capture great moments!  A HUGE thank you to the Oak Barrel Half.  Not only a beautiful race, but very well organized.  I will do this one again!  If you haven't ever been to Lynchburg, TN I highly recommend it.  The town square is fantastic.  Mary Bobo's is the place to eat and a tour of Jack Daniel's is a must.

Oh yeah!  Since I burned 1400 calories before 11 AM I decided to treat myself!

#52 Completed!