Sunday, February 21, 2016

Your 100 Things

Recently I saw a friend post some pictures on Facebook with the hashtag #SBs100things and of course it peeked my interest so I had to check it out.  That took me on a journey to the original story of your100things.  I fell in love with this idea and decided it was perfect for me.

I have been stuck in runt and had little to no motivation to make some changes that need to be made so this will be perfect for me.  To get started first is to figure out where to keep your list.  For me that is in my journal and my blog.  Second is to start compiling my list and third is compiling my list based on things that are already planned, things I have always wanted to do, bucket list items and suggestions from friends/family.  Finally, Mary Beth has some requirements which you will find here.


2016 is a big year in my family.  My oldest son just turned 18 and he will be graduating in May.  Will be headed to college in August and my youngest son will be starting his Junior year of High School.  My husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage, too.

I am working on my list in my journal right now and plan to post in a day or two.  So friends and family who have a suggestion for my list please leave me a comment and check back in a day or two to see if your suggestion makes my list.

I appreciate you stopping by and following me on my journey to my 100 things.

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